Our built-in messaging service is designed to keep messages within the application and your organisation, avoiding losing crucial communication records to external messaging apps and private phone use. With ever-increasing compliance in the sector, this ensures all messaging history is accessible should you need it.

  • Centralise your communication
  • Retain data ownership for auditing and compliance
  • Supports workflow and self-service features
  • Data integration within the application
  • Enhances data security and privacy
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It's time to ditch WhatsApp

While external messaging services like WhatsApp are convenient for personal communication, integrating messaging within Veco Plus offers better control, customisation, and professionalism in business interactions.

It creates a seamless and focused communication environment tailored to your agency's and your contacts' needs.

  • Centralise your communication.
  • Retain data ownership for auditing and compliance.
  • Supports workflow and self-service features.
  • Data integration within the application.
  • Enhances data security and privacy.
Members on staff on telephone
Staff member smiling whilst on telephone call

Simple Communication

Messaging within the application can be easily accessed. This allows your staff to access contextual information during conversations, leading to more informed and effective communication. Messaging can be one-to-one or one-to-many, so if you have sharers applying to let a property, a lead contact can be assigned, but messaging can be across the group.

Peace of Mind Security

Messaging within Veco Plus allows for better control over data privacy and security. External messaging services might have privacy concerns or data-sharing practices unsuitable for sensitive business communications. Using an external messaging service it's likely you'll be on third-party servers. With internal messaging, you retain ownership and control over the data.

Boost Your Productivity

It's becoming more important for your property agency to consider where data is hosted. Integrating messaging within Veco Plus ensures that all business, client, and property communication remains centralised.

Making it easier for you to track:

  • Conversations
  • Find information
  • Maintain a complete communication history

While external messaging services might be used for personal communication, internal messaging in the application is dedicated solely to business-related conversations, preventing mix-ups and distractions.

External messaging services often have additional features, notifications, and personal contacts, which can be distracting in a professional context. Internal messaging keeps communication focused on business matters.

Staff smiling at each other

Staff in office

Build Reliable Workflows

Internal messaging can be integrated with other business processes and workflows, making transitioning from communication to action easier, such as scheduling property viewings or sending documents. Internal messaging logs and retains conversations, which can be necessary for auditing or ensuring compliance with industry regulations.


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