With Veco Plus CRM , the system also provides a comprehensive set of tools for capturing and storing new customer interactions. This ensures that you have a complete view of each customer, making it easier to build and maintain relationships.

  • Centralise your client and contact data
  • Organise and follow up on leads and opportunities
  • Build long term relationships with clients
  • Improve customer service
  • Collaborate and improve teamwork
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Lead Generation

Organise and follow up on leads and opportunities

Veco Plus CRM software helps you organise and follow up on leads and opportunities effectively. This enables you to provide better customer service by addressing enquiries promptly, remembering client preferences, and tailoring property recommendations and services to individual needs.

Veco Plus CRM provides a variety of features to support lead generation and management

  • Create and track leads through the sales pipeline
  • Set up automated reminders and notifications
  • Generate custom reports to track your progress
  • Never miss an opportunity to convert a lead into a customer again
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Build long-term relationships with clients

Veco Plus CRM can help you build long-term relationships with clients by keeping track of their interactions with your agency. This enables you to provide personalised and timely communication, offer value-added services, and encourage referrals.

The software provides a variety of features to support relationship building. You can create custom communication templates, track client interactions, and set up automated follow-up messages. 

Improve customer service

Veco Plus CRM can help you improve customer service by providing a centralised view of each customer. This enables you to quickly access their information, including their contact details, property preferences, and communication history. This allows you to provide personalised and efficient customer service.

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Collaborate and improve teamwork

Veco Plus CRM can help your team manage their schedules and tasks more efficiently. Reminders, calendars, and to-do lists ensure that necessary appointments and follow-ups are not missed.

The software provides a variety of features to support collaboration. Team members can share information, assign tasks, and coordinate efforts to provide comprehensive services to clients and ensure consistent communication. This is especially beneficial for larger departments and estate agencies with multiple team members.

  • Document management: Veco Plus CRM provides a platform for storing and managing important documents easily and securely. This eliminates the need for physical files and reduces the risk of document loss.
  • Marketing integration: Veco Plus CRM can be integrated with marketing tools to create and execute marketing campaigns seamlessly. Integration with email marketing, social media, and advertising platforms will help you reach a wider audience.
  • Scalability: Veco Plus CRM can scale to accommodate increased data and client volumes as your business grows. This ensures that the system remains effective as the business expands.

Overall, Veco Plus CRM is a comprehensive and powerful CRM solution that can help agents improve efficiency, productivity, and customer service.

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