Lead Management

Manage the entire lifecycle of all your inbound leads centrally, progressing and nurturing them through to every available opportunity.

  • Centralised lead storage
  • Lead activity and follow up
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Manage all revenue opportunities
  • Efficient staff collaboration
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Maximise Deal Opportunities

Manage all your inbound leads, progressing them through opportunities to a win/lose status and then ongoing through whatever their contact status' progresses to.

With a mine of potential opportunities in your existing database, you can use lead management to maximise revenue streams and promote cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

You can manage:

  • The complete lead lifecycle
  • Any Follow-up tasks

Ensuring that leads are nurtured through to conversion.

Staff in meeting room
Staff in meeting room

Enhanced Organisation

Lead management enables timely responses to inquiries by automating lead notifications, ensuring that potential clients receive prompt attention. Appointment scheduling makes booking property viewings or consultations with leads convenient.

Not only does this improve your customer experience, but your team's experience too. Collaborate better within your teams by assigning tasks, sharing notes, and updating lead statuses.

Built for Scalability

Our roadmap vision is to assign scores to leads based on factors such as engagement level and readiness to make a decision, helping prioritise follow-up efforts and increase lead conversion rates. Lead management lets you personalise interactions by referencing previous interactions and tailoring communication to individual needs.

As your agency grows, lead management can accommodate more leads and clients while maintaining organised processes.

Staff in meeting room


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