Three Ways PropTech CRM Technology is Shaping the Future of Lettings and Sales

February 28th, 2024 | 3 minute read


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Property management is no stranger to change. Over the past 30 years, we have witnessed how technology has transformed the industry into an increasingly competitive market where agility and flexibility are crucial for staying ahead of the curve. As tenant expectations evolve and legal requirements shift, property management software doesn't just keep pace – it shapes the future of lettings and sales.

Embracing PropTech is no longer an option; it’s fundamental to navigating today’s economies and building an unshakeable competitive advantage. Here are three core ways property management software is rewiring the property game.

Transparency: Building Trust One Message at a Time

Forget fragmented communication and chasing down information. Centralising communication within a PropTech CRM platform ensures all stakeholders remain informed and on the same page. According to a report by TM Group, 40% of property transaction delays are blamed on managing enquiries, duplication of information or confusing communication.

The integration of communication within Veco software ensures that agents have the capability to refer to one single source of truth, making it easier to track communication history and find information. By automating follow-ups, personalised messages, and real-time notifications, confusion can be replaced with clarity. Ultimately, early adopters with a proactive approach to communication build greater trust, strengthen relationships, and reduce friction throughout the rental process.

Seamless Collaboration: Teamwork Powered by Tech

Property transactions involve numerous tasks with countless different parties. As it stands, the property industry remains significantly fragmented as agents struggle to coordinate and track activities effectively. Limited visibility into tasks across departments remains a significant challenge and a root cause of many delays, frustrations and disjointed experiences.

Implementing a centralised task management system is a short-cut solution to break down information barriers and empower agents to raise the bar for the standard of service they can deliver to clients. A clear understanding of task ownership allows for smoother continuity of projects, and staff can easily pick up where others leave off. As a result, property professionals can streamline CRM processes and nurture more meaningful connections without the back and forth.

Confident Compliance: Automating the Burden, Focusing on Success

Compliance is one of the top challenges for businesses that don’t automate their workflow. It isn’t a surprise that compliance has long been a burden to businesses of all sizes in many industries. But, by automating workflows, agents can seamlessly integrate mandatory compliance tasks across different functions, eliminating manual administration and reducing the risk of human error.

The level of customisation seen within Veco’s property management software optimises operational efficiency across the board, giving agents confidence to thrive in the ever-changing legal landscape whilst ensuring every step of the process adheres to regulatory standards. By leveraging PropTech CRM, agents keep ahead of deadlines and focus on what they do best - nurturing relationships and winning instructions.

Software like Veco Plus is paving the way for a future where property management is faster, smoother and less stressful for everyone involved in the transaction.

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